Brother LC980/LC985/LC1100/LC123/LC223

Q. I have installed my cartridge and received an error that it is a ‘non-genuine’ cartridge?

A. This is just Brother letting you know that it is a remanufactured cartridge and not an original Brother inkjet. As you have not bought this cartridge in original Brother packaging, you can continue to print as normal.

Q. I have installed my cartridge and received an error that the cartridge is missing or faulty?

A. First, check that the you have is compatible with your printer.

Once this is done, try removing the cartridge and then re-installing it, firmly but slowly. Sometimes installing an inkjet too quickly will cause an error due to the detection system between the printer and cartridge. This issue can occur with both original and remanufactured Brother ink cartridges.

Q. I have re-installed my cartridge slowly but still received the same error?

A. Remove the cartridge from the printer and while the printer is still on, remove the power by switching off the printer at the socket. Leave the printer for 10 minutes to allow all power to drain and the error to clear.

In the meantime, find the chip on your cartridge and give it a wipe with some tissue to make sure there is no ink or dust interfering in the communication between the cartridge and the printer.

After 10 minutes, switch your printer back on and firmly but slowly install the cartridge.

Q. I have installed several cartridges at the same time and received an error that cartridges are missing or faulty?

A. If the steps in the answers to the previous two questions do not solve your problem, re-install all your old, working cartridges. Then replace them with your new cartridges one by one to identify which colour cartridge is causing the error.

Q. My print quality is poor?

A. Brother cartridges are just a tank with ink inside, all the technology for transferring the ink from the cartridge to your paper is held within the print heads inside your printer. So long as there are no error messages displayed, the issue is with the printer itself.

Try doing a couple of head or nozzle cleans on your printer through the status monitor on your computer or the display screen on your printer. This will help clear any air bubbles that may be trapped and blocking your normal print.

Q. My cartridge is running out of ink faster than it should?

A. This is true for both original and remanufactured Brother cartridges. The page yield displayed by Brother is based on a 5% page coverage life test. That is, if you only fill 5% of your page, your cartridge will print for the given number of pages. If you print photos, graphics or even a full page of text, you will be using more than a 5% page coverage. Therefore, with normal everyday printing, the page yield listed by Brother is unlikely to be the same page yield that you will get out of your cartridge.